Scientifically based

my Insight Out is a new development that emerged from the Self-Knowledge Method (SKM), originally called Self-Confrontation Method (SCM).

The main goal of SKM is that people learn to understand their own story deeper by examining the meaning they unconsciously give to important experiences in their lives. This self-investigation provides new, often surprising, insights and encourages people to develop themselves further.


The uniqueness of the SKM, and of my Insight Out, is the underlying scientific Valuation Theory of Prof. Hubert Hermans, internationally famous professor of Psychology. The view of Prof. Hermans is that people have unique knowledge about themselves, and can effectively give direction to their self-development. He describes personality as a changeable process. The SKM is since 2009 included in the Dialogical Self Theory (DST).  my Insight Out is a digital spin-off inspired  by the Valuation Theory as well as the DST.



The scientific evidence makes clear that, in a surprising way, the self-investigating person becomes captain on their own life-ship, skilled in all weather types. The research shows powerful outcomes: the better people are able to understand the why of their behavior and recognize deeper meaning in their experiences, the more they take responsibility for steering their own development. By systematic evaluation research done in the Netherlands, the SKM is one of the few forms of coaching that has been studied and measured in depth. The results show that the SKM is very effective and produces lasting results. my Insight Out is a recent digital variation of the SKM, where an external coach is not necessary for self-investigation. The self-inquiring person carries a coach in the pocket. While the support from an external coach stays possible via a Help button.



Collective awareness

In my Insight Out there is spoken of a collective consciousness. The "I" of others is considered an "I" of a collective story. In valuation theory the so called "Extended Self".  There is more and more philosophical and scientific support to see the "self" as a process, almost as a verb. In my Insight Out the motivated experiences in the stories of others are used as potential parts of the self of every person.

The collective consciousness in the form of the extensive knowledge base of my Insight Out is
the result of 40 years of coaching with the Self-Knowledge Method in the Dutch practice of Reflection & Action. More information about the SKM, the Valuation Theory, and
other sources of inspiration can be found here. in  -The sources of inspiration used for my Insight Out -

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