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Our vision is to contribute to more peace in our world with my Insight Out. We want to enable people to place self-reflection, self-knowledge, and personal growth at the center of their lives. This means that the need to point to circumstances and other people as a reason for discomfort and being unhappy, as an unconsious habit, will lessen. Then, resistance to reality will not be automatic anymore. People can more and more connect with others in love and respect, and feel gratitude in, and for life.


Inspired by wise women and men, Mirjam and Margreet developed their own method to support people in developing consciousness:
my Insight Out is a new development that emerged from the Self-Knowledge Method. We believe that through self-reflection and  self-knowledge everyone can access their own wisdom to learn to use life experiences more and more for conscious personal growth. Also and perhaps specially the more difficult and painful experiences.


After having coached people face to face for many years with great results, the desire grew to be able to support many more people in this process of self-reflection and self-knowledge.

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