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my Insight Out is a tool that helps you understand yourself in new and exciting ways.
It gives you everything you need to guarantee inner growth and personal development.
This app is highly appreciated and is being applied in various different universities, businesses and doctors.

Now my Insight Out is available for whoever is interested in developing themselves or encouraging other to do so.
You can start a self-investigation at any moment to discover what is going on inside of you.
It can be used for various purposes.

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Negative self image

I often assume that I am not that interesting. my Insight Out brought me insights on how that image crept into me, and then, it helped me to believe in my qualities and feel for those again.

No support

The reality seemed to be that there is nobody on my side ... I now see what I can do to notice support, and to accept it.


"Why does he not understand me? That is what you should expect from a friend!" I was surprised when I discovered how I, with my demands, chase others away.

Too much stimulation

I am a very sensitive person. I feel what others feel and I suffer from that.  Now I can let go of what belongs to the other person, which gives me peace of mind.

Low energy

I often feel tired, but I have to keep on going anyway. my Insight Out gave me an unexpected insight: tiredness has become a signal for me to listen to myself, instead of forcing myself.

Fear of failure

I am smart but can't risk failure. I have to be able to do everything at once with as little effort as possible. I entered my avoiding behavior in my Insight Out. And now I am starting to experience the fun of learning by trial and error.

Too much self-criticism

The critical voice in my head is constantly on; it drives me crazy. I filled in my sentence honestly: -I look at myself and think ''you should have done much better''. I discovered how this voice used to help me in the past. I can now just hear this, and gently put it aside as something of my past, and get more and more free'd from it.

I am being lived

Every spare moment I get, I choose to sit on my phone and it bothers me. It became clear to me what I am trying to accomplish with that. Namely not to feel how lonely I actually feel.

Too much stress

My whole day is full of things that still have to be done... I exhaust myself. I was kindly compelled by my supervisor to enter a stressful situation in my Insight Out. It became clear to me what I need to learn: to focus and ask for support.

Often angry

I can't hold back my anger when she makes weak excuses. I discovered that a very beautiful quality is hidden in that anger, and how I can respond from there.


I often do not dare to say what I think. I keep my mouth shut. So nice to discover how I have used my quality of modesty to protect myself in a fierce family. And how I can develop as an adult, and take on the challenge of claiming my space and showing myself.

Loosing myself

I always adjust myself ... I lose myself and that makes me unhappy. Now...what a relief! I realize that this is no longer necessary. I am starting to develop the courage to show myself more and more.

My life feels useless

The question "why am I here" keeps me busy. Every time I ask myself that question I fill it in and I get a loving answer from the collective consciousness, which I can continue to use.

A boring life

I dared to fill in my Insight Out: "I have a boring life". To my surprise, I ended up finding my liveliness again, which I had overlooked.

Endless doubting

I know myself as an eternal slave to doubt. I discovered the value of feeling my way step by step, instead of completely filling my head with worrying.

Wearing a mask

People find me cozy and funny, and I am always a welcome guest. Nobody sees how lonely I feel behind this mask. How nice it was to honestly fill in my Insight Out, confront myself with how I actually feel, and take myself seriously.