SelfKnowledgeMethode (ZKM)

my Insight Out is a new development that emerged from the Self-Knowledge Method (ZKM). The main purpose of the ZKM is to give people the opportunity to understand their own story by exploring the deeper meaning behind important events in their lives. It provides new, often surprising insights and encourages people to change.
Dutch evaluation research shows that the ZKM is very effective and delivers lasting results.


Unique to the ZKM and also to myInsightOut is the scientific basis. That scientific basis lies in the Valuation Theory. In 1975 Prof. Hubert Hermans made an important turnaround in his work. Hubert Hermans tells us looking back, how, in the 1980s, the unique person in psychology was at risk of going “under”. At the time, he joined a new trend in psychology, in which humans are seen as persons with unique knowledge about themselves. He emphasizes the potential of an image of humanity in which personality is a changeable process and in which people direct their own development. Professor Hermans formulated the Valuation Theory and the Self-Confrontation Method (SCM or ZKM) Since 2010, the ZKM has been included in the broader Dialogical Self Theory (DST). (Hermans & Hermans Konopka, 2010). myInsightOut is a digital spin-off inspired by Valuation Theory and DST.


The self-investigation tool my Insight Out is a new variant of the ZKM in which the self-investigation also is possible without a coach. The user of the tool has him- of herself as a coach in their pocket. While the support of an external coach remains possible via a help button.


Daniel Ofman en Eva Pierrakos

The terms core quality, pitfall, annoyance and challenge are derived from the work of Daniel Ofman. The concepts are described in detail in the book Inspiration and Quality in Organsiaties, published by Servire, 1998. See also the Ofman Core Quality Quadrant. The behavior lists used in my Insight out are the result of years of use of the work of Daniel Ofman in the practice of Reflection & Action.

While the terms pitfall and annoyance may suggest that these are human traits that shouldn't actually be, in myInsightOut we approach each trait as a functional part of the human story. Like Eva Pierrakos, we also assume that in every human quality there is a core that, as she puts it, "contains a divine spark" (Christmas-message-to-the-children). The Pathwork of Eva Pierrakos has been a special source of practical spiritual wisdom for us for many years.

Voice Dialogue van Hal en Sidra Stone

The exercises included in my Insight Out are inspired by the Voice Dialoque tradition. Hal & Sidra Stone are the creators of "Voice Dialogue". This is a method in which leftout or underdeveloped sides of the self-investigating human being can transform from opponents to allies, with whom you can work fruitfully together. This approach assumes that for each of our sides that we have identified ourselves with, there is another side of us that we have often left out or let underdeveloped. In myInsightOut the other side is called 'the challenge'.

A standard work by Hal and Sidra Stone to familiarize yourself with this tradition is Embracing Ourselves (1989).

Empowerment en Positieve Psychologie

Ten years of traineeship at Gail Straub, at the Empowerment Institute, has had a huge impact on the development of the ZKM and my Insight Out. The founders of Positive Psychology, Martin Seligman en Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, introduced a new trend in psychology in 2000. As in this movement, the emphasis in my Insight Out is also on the power of positive experiences
and people's qualities for transforming recurring negative experiences.
In my Insight Out, we are concerned with promoting psychological well-being, emotionally, psychologically and socially.

In the present time, organizations and institutions increasingly show how important it is to consciously keep personal knowledge and history, values and norms in balance
with generally applicable professional norms and values.Reflection on the person is seen as necessary for meaning, empowerment and health in work.
Manon Ruijters


Wikipedia: Positieve psychologie



For management

  • Daniel Ofman & Guust Verpaalen, (2008). You just would't believe it : From reactive to creative leadership,   (EAN 9789021582160).
  • Ruijters (red.) en collega's  (2015) Je Binnenste Buiten: Over professionele  identiteit in organisaties. Management IMPACT

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